Main Street Muzic Learning Center |  Private & Group Lessons
The Learning Center Youth Ensemble

  • Lessons with a purpose

    At some point, students will  learn how to play simple songs. They will then have an opportunity to showcase their abilities and play with others in a group setting. That's where the real fun begins!

    Learning Center Youth Ensemble

    At Main Street Muzic Learning Center, all students are welcome to participate and become members of our Main Street Muzic Learning Center Youth Ensemble. The ensemble consists of  various instruments and vocals of students enrolled in our private lesson program.

    Guidance and Music Direction

    Students will participate in group rehearsals, led by our resident teacher and music director. Rehearsals will eventually lead to live performances!

    Cape Cod Media Center


    Live From Center Stage Performances

    Main Street Muzic has arranged and coordinated rehearsal space and live performance events with the Cape Cod Media Center in Dennisport.

    When ready, students will preform live in front of an audience. Audience members will be all family and friends of students who are participating in the youth ensemble. All totally FREE by the way!

    The event will also be recorded and televised on our local cable access channel.